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SuperMate integrates with Smarter SMSF


A new integration agreement will now allow SuperMate users access to the full suite of fund documents offered by Smarter SMSF.

SMSF administration service provider SuperConcepts has announced it has put in place an arrangement that will now see its SuperMate platform integrated with the Smarter SMSF documents service.

The new functionality means SuperMate users will now be able to link their site to the Smarter SMSF platform, giving them access to a range of SMSF documents.

Further, these documents will be pre-populated using existing client information housed by SuperMate – functionality that should allow advisers to reduce the amount of manual data input they have performed in the past, increasing both accuracy of information and time efficiency.

“We’re thrilled about this integration and there’s more on the horizon that will leverage the full power of the SuperMate API (application programming interface). Having an easy, frictionless way to order documents is fantastic for our mutual clients,” SuperConcepts chief technology officer Andy Forbes said.

Smarter SMSF chief executive Aaron Dunn echoed Forbes’s positive sentiment about the new initiative.

“We are excited about the launch of our new partnership with SuperMate. Through the API, users can now seamlessly order documents, including deed upgrades, pensions and investment strategies. The functionality enables users to automatically set up a new SMSF into SuperMate, which also incorporates our new ABN (Australian business number)/TFN (tax file number) integration,” Dunn noted.

He pointed out these are the advantages SuperMate users can enjoy immediately, but revealed additional features of the document platform will be made available in the future.

“We see some fantastic opportunities ahead with this two-way integration. With an ever-growing number of documents on the platform, accessing the SuperMate integration will save significant time for SuperMate users, leveraging the expertise built into Smarter SMSF’s suite of documents,” he said.

Existing users of both the new SuperMate service and the original desktop-based SuperMate Classic will be able to take advantage of the new integration instantly.

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