Further SuperMate developments planned

SuperMate developments

SuperConcepts has scheduled the release of some significant improvements to its SuperMate administration service later in the year.

SMSF administration software and education provider Super Concepts has announced the planned developments for 2023 for its SuperMate offering in conjunction with the first anniversary of the facility’s relaunch.

“The new and improved features centre around automation, our intuitive interface and fast point-to-point administration. I’m very excited to debut our reimagined trustee portal that will introduce new ways for users to engage with their clients. In addition, we’re working on first-class property processing, including automated property valuations and greater document and audit provider integration,” SuperConcepts chief technology officer Andy Forbes revealed.

In addition, the financial services organisation confirmed it is currently in discussions with an open banking partner and is looking to make this feature available for customers later in the year. The potential deal will increase the number of data feeds incorporated on the SuperMate platform and simplify the process of supplying the service with SMSF bank account details.

With regard to the first anniversary of the revamped version of SuperMate, Forbes said he was thrilled to be able to celebrate the milestone.

“SuperMate is now a comprehensive solution for SMSF and portfolio administration that helps practices be more efficient than ever,” he noted.

Silvestri Chartered Accountants principal Daniel Silvestri endorsed the SuperConcepts offering.

“We’re very impressed, our staff and clients are saying it’s a vast improvement on our previous software provider,” Silvestri said.

The upgraded version of SuperMate now services over 40,000 SMSFs and, according to SuperConcepts, has proven its ability to streamline the SMSF administration process by cutting down on labour-intensive manual data input activities through the extraction of more than 250,000 bank transactions by using DataHero.

The release of the updated web-based version of SuperMate to clients occurred in March last year.

The administration service itself has had a 25-year-plus presence in the market, having been launched in 1998 as SuperVisorII and evolving into SuperMate Classic in 2009.

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