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SPAA unveils CPD refinement tool

The SMSF Professionals’ Association of Australia (SPAA) has launched a support facility designed to help its members fulfil their continuing professional development (CPD) requirements across the technical areas of SMSFs.

The new tool, SMSF CPD Compass, is a specially designed online questionnaire that gauges the current technical knowledge level of practitioners servicing the sector before recommending specific areas of focus for their ongoing educational activities.

“This tool is the first of its kind, finally giving professionals a way to navigate through their CPD journey in a meaningful way,” SPAA head of education Liz Ward said.

“We want to see professionals making the most of their CPD requirements by empowering them to pinpoint activities that genuinely improve their knowledge and skills. It’s better for the individual, it’s better for trustees and it’s better for the profession as a whole.”

The launch of the CPD Compass is a reflection of SPAA’s emphasis on continuing education and comes shortly after the launch of the association’s CPD Hub – an online database of accredited activities that allows members to tailor their plans based on their individual needs.

“SPAA is heavily focused on innovating in the area of CPD because we recognise practitioners have a range of obligations to satisfy – from regulators, licensees to professional associations,” Ward said.

“The volume of information practitioners must understand is also growing exponentially, making it challenging to navigate through the CPD noise.

“SPAA’s CPD Compass and CPD Hub meet that challenge head on and allow members to tailor unique CPD plans based on their individual needs.”

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