SMSF Awards 2017: Trust deed supplier winner

There has been very strong adviser demand for trust deed upgrades for NowInfinity’s clients this year as the passing of the recent super reforms has been a significant event leading to many changes to the SMSF legislative landscape.

In response to this, NowInfinity launched a new trust deed incorporating the super changes, as well as a strong focus on estate and succession planning early in the year.

“We’ll also be launching shortly our automatic deed update and compliance management service so as to further assist in the streamlining and efficiency of these offerings,” NowInfinity chief executive and founder Amreeta Abbott says.

The business’s approach to trust deeds for SMSFs has been to ensure it is legislatively and strategically up to date.

“Obviously continual compliance with the legislation is paramount. Flexibility, ease of understanding and implementation of strategies are also of equal importance,” Abbott notes.

“We want to continue to be the leaders in eliminating pain points for our members through technology, efficiency and collaboration.”

She says NowInfinity plans to continue to disrupt the market and through technology, efficiencies and collaboration introduce further income streams for its members.

“Also, with the delivery of our technology coupled with the deep experience of our legal team – combined experience of over 100 years – we will be entering the legal domain so as to facilitate the accessibility to legal services,” she reveals, adding growing adviser needs are another crucial element to consider alongside its developments.

“Adviser feedback plays a big part in all facets of NowInfinity, from customer service and support through to product maintenance and delivery. We value all forms of feedback as it allows us to continuously improve and tailor solutions for our members.

“[This year] is and will continue to be a big year for Nowinfinity. New directors have joined the board, we have introduced new partnerships, deepened integrations with our existing partners, released new products and expanded our market to New Zealand. This has just been the first six months.”

According to Abbott, NowInfinity’s strengths lie in its team of 30 people, consisting of a multitude of roles, which include developers, customer support, client partners and SMSF specialists.

“Julie Dolan is our SMSF technical director with close to 25 years of experience in the accounting and wealth management industry,” she says.

“We’ve also formed a strong and strategic partnership with the law firm View Legal, a specialist law firm focusing on tax, structuring, asset protection, business succession, estate planning and superannuation.”

She says the award comes down to the whole team.

“This award is a team award. The team at NowInfinity work tirelessly and with passion to make sure that the client experience and end product is superior and delivers results above expectations,” she says.

“We are a fast-moving and agile business with our members at the centre of everything we do.”

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