SMSF Awards 2017: Innovator winner

OneVue has experienced an increase in demand for innovative solutions from both advisers and accountants as they have been placed under extra pressure due to regulatory changes.

The recent superannuation changes, in particular, have created extra work for everyone in the SMSF sector, resulting in accountants and advisers seeking as much help as they can get, with services that ease their workload experiencing high demand.

Offering a flexible, efficient investment platform and end-to-end administration solution is critical to making life easier for advisers and accountants, OneVue group initiatives executive general manager Lisa McCallum says.

“SMSF investors have specific needs. We have found, for instance, that they are interested in services such as efficient tax reporting and portfolio monitoring, and the role platforms play in managing trustee compliance requirements reliably,” McCallum reveals.

“Through our development schedule, we continue to listen to adviser needs and suggestions for improved functionality that assists them to service their clients.

“And we have to keep talking to regulators, investors, advisers, fund managers, custodians and see where we can add the most value consistent with our culture.”

She underscores that innovation is part of OneVue’s DNA.

“It’s important in that others have started to recognise what OneVue has carefully constructed over the last few years – an innovative industry transformational strategy.

“Our point of difference is that no one is responsible for innovation at OneVue; everyone is responsible for innovating,” she says.

“Innovation, I can attest to, is not easy as most people prefer to continue with the status quo as it is more comfortable, however, comfortable is not always best.

“What we are focusing on this year is reducing the total cost of investing and ensuring that advisers and fund managers are properly paid for the important role they play in creating wealth for the end investor.

“OneVue has created a managed fund marketplace called the Fund.eXchange, which is a more efficient, lower-cost way to buy and sell managed funds. For instance, a $1 million SMSF investor could literally save thousands of dollars in fees by buying funds in the Fund.eXchange.”

Reflecting on the business’s recent achievements, she says OneVue has had a landmark year.

“[We are] being recognised more and more by the market for our achievements,” she says.

“That is the past, however, and we are facing forward now into the 2018 calendar year. We are only limited by the obstacles we place in front of ourselves and we are getting better and better and faster and faster at breaking those down.

“It’s important in that others have started to recognise what OneVue has carefully constructed over the last few years – an innovative industry transformational strategy.

“What we offer is not like the others, however, we truly believe what we have designed particularly the Fund.eXchange will make a difference to the financial services landscape over the next few years.

“At OneVue we are all in this together. If one person is not on board, it will make a difference to the outcome so I would like to acknowledge my colleagues as they allow innovation to thrive, even those that prefer certainty and do not see themselves as creative, but have learned to trust the ones that are.

“Recognition like this is important to us and helps us continue to try and do our bit to make it a better environment for investors, advisers and fund managers.”

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