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Vanguard Australia Hub24 Netwealth Managed accounts

Advisers using the Hub24 and Netwealth investment platforms will now be able to access Vanguard’s range of managed account strategies.

Vanguard Australia has responded to growing industry demand by making its managed portfolio strategies accessible on the Hub24 and Netwealth investment platforms.

In addition to the Macquarie wrap platform, advisers can now access Vanguard’s managed accounts through Hub24’s Discover, Core and Choice investment menus, as well as through Netwealth’s Accelerator Core and Accelerator Pro offerings.

Vanguard Australia head of financial adviser services Rachel White said the decision was prompted by feedback from advisers seeking access to the diversified portfolio.

“We are excited to make this announcement as the addition of these investment platforms represents a significant expansion of Vanguard’s managed account offer via new distribution channels,” White said.

“Most importantly, it reflects the growing demand from advisers for gaining greater access to our diversified solutions, which until recently have only been available on the Macquarie wrap platform.

“Behind the increased adviser demand is a recognition that Vanguard’s leading-edge diversified managed account strategies make multi-asset portfolio construction simple and efficient, without compromising on sophistication or performance.

“With four risk profiles available, including conservative, balanced, growth and high growth, the Vanguard strategies offer low-cost, instant diversification with exposure to over 16,000 securities across a range of asset classes, all backed by Vanguard’s multi-asset investment expertise and proven strategic asset allocation approach.”

According to the investment manager, the strategies will replicate the approach used in Vanguard’s broader range of diversified funds, offering flexibility as either a stand-alone solution or the core of a portfolio, with the option to add supplementary investments as clients’ requirements evolve.

Managed accounts are gaining popularity among SMSF advisers as they provide a degree of flexibility and a way to diversify a client’s investment portfolio.

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