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OpenInvest adds another Melbourne firm

OpenInvest Lanteri Partners

OpenInvest has continued to partner with advice firms in providing online investment solutions assisting Lanteri Partners to deliver five portfolio options to clients.

Melbourne-based wealth management firm Lanteri Partners will launch an online investment solution on the OpenInvest platform to provide sophisticated strategies to emerging affluent Australians.

The online tool, Medici Invest, will offer five professionally managed, diversified portfolios with different risk profiles through the OpenInvest platform.

Three of the portfolios will offer traditional investment strategies ranging from capital preservation and stable returns, a balanced mix of risk and return, and a high-growth option with higher risk and longer investment timeframes.

Medici Invest will also offer a Future Shapers portfolio that invests in companies driving structural change and a Green Horizons portfolio focused on investments in the global energy transition.

Lanteri Partners Group founder Michael Lanteri said Medici Invest would operate as more than an investing platform and was the firm’s next step in assisting individuals to grow their wealth.

“Medici Invest is a bridge to financial enlightenment, an innovation inspired by the Medici family’s pioneering and enduring legacy of supporting cultural and economic prosperity,” Lanteri said.

“Through this platform, Medici Invest aims to foster a new generation of informed and successful investors, guiding them towards achieving their financial aspirations with confidence.”

OpenInvest head of distribution Ravi Verma said the partnership with Lanteri Partners echoed its enthusiasm for innovation within the financial services sector.

“This collaboration underscores our shared dedication to providing advanced, yet user-friendly investment solutions that cater to the evolving needs of today’s investors.”

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