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Vic firm bolsters management team

Morrows Appointment Executive team SMSF

A financial advisory firm that offers services to SMSF trustees has made six appointments to its executive leadership team.

Morrows, a Melbourne firm that provides advice to SMSF trustees, has elevated six of its existing employees to its executive leadership team, aiming to infuse new perspectives into the practice as the organisation prepares to mark its 65th anniversary.

Adrian Fong, Archie Lygris, Chris Molloy, Kirsty McCormack, Kyle Brumley and Lisa Wilson have been appointed executive directors to serve alongside the three existing members of the Morrows executive team, Graeme Marks, Laurel Moulynox and Neil Yeoman.

Managing director and head of superannuation Yeoman said the move was made as part of the firm’s history of recognising and rewarding long-serving employees and their skills.

“Heading into preparing for our 65th anniversary, myself and the other two managing directors, Laurel and Graeme, thought that we really need to keep that tradition moving and bring in some newer, younger people to keep us going into the future,” he told selfmanagedsuper.

“With the addition of six [executive directors] as well as the original three, that’s the largest that the executive team has been. And it’s an evolution. These people are great with clients. They’ve got great expertise in either financial planning or accounting and tax or whatever advisory [background] they come from.

“Some of those executive directors started here as cooperative education students during their university degree. Now they’re owners of the business. It’s a big journey [and] it’s great.”

Marks extended a warm welcome to the new executives, stating their appointments will enrich the firm’s expertise and experience as the advisory landscape continues to evolve.

“We have a responsibility to our founders, clients and people to continue growing and driving our business forward,” he said.

“To do this, we have evolved our succession plan to include a new generation of leaders and business owners, setting the foundations for Morrows to remain at the forefront of providing exceptional advisory services to our clients and their families for generations to come.”

Yeoman added the executive team will continue to supplement Morrows’ holistic and comprehensive approach to providing advice to clients, including in the superannuation sector.

“For our own clients, we have what we call a one-team approach. As well as the superannuation team, we’ll get our financial planning team or our risk insurance team or our legal team involved to be able to help the client manage the whole process of their SMSF,” he noted.

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