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AccountantsIQ launches aged-care service

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An accounting service provider has released an offering for accountants and their clients tailored specifically for the aged-care sector.

AccountantsIQ has introduced a service aimed at assisting individuals and their families as they navigate the complexities of the aged-care system.

Launched at the Institute of Public Accountants National Congress 2023 in Sydney today, AgedCareIQ provides a suite of documents and guidance to support the transition of a family member into aged care.

“Navigating the aged-care maze can be difficult, time consuming and emotionally exhausting for all involved,” AccountantsIQ founding director Bronny Speed noted.

“This new offering is an aged-care solution for clients who need guidance to look after their loved ones. It has been developed for the many busy people who care.

“We provide succinct information and invaluable resources to satisfy a fast-growing client need.”

The accounting service provider stated assistance is offered across six primary areas, each supported by over 25 specific issues that clients or their family members should be aware of.

The new service will list documents to provide support on understanding the aged-care system, Aged Care Assessment Team and Regional Assessment Service assessments, exploring different types of care and funding options, seeking professional guidance and practical and estate planning considerations.

AgedCareIQ is offered at two levels, a self-service package where users can purchase documentation based on their specific needs, and a one-on-one silver service designed to guide individuals through the intricacies of the aged-care system with a personalised approach.

“Clients or their loved one can start wherever they need to in the maze, then purchase packages of information and checklists at their own pace and as circumstances change,” Speed said.

“Conveniently curated needs-based bundles made up of multiple individual packages are a quick and efficient way to ensure the right packages are purchased for the stage a loved one is at.

“For those who don’t have the time, desire or headspace for the self-service offering, a one-on-one customised concierge service is also available.”

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