SMSFA awards its first life membership

SMSF Association life membership

The SMSF Association has marked its 20th anniversary by awarding the body’s first life membership to former chief executive Andrea Slattery (right).

The SMSF Association has awarded the organisation’s first life membership to its inaugural chief executive Andrea Slattery for her service to the industry body and the sector as a whole.

The presentation was made on the eve of the SMSF Association National Conference 2023 held in Melbourne last week.

In accepting the award, Slattery said it was a great honour that she would deeply cherish.

She also took the opportunity to reflect upon the establishment of the industry body 20 years ago and the growth it has enjoyed over the past two decades.

“Twenty years ago, a small group of us had a vision for an SMSF sector where every Australian is endowed with both an inalienable right to quality of life in retirement and the right to control their own retirement destiny,” she noted.

“Today, that vision is being enjoyed by more than 1.1 million Australians serviced by a growing army of skilled specialists, an outcome that is due to the tireless work of this august organisation.”

Further, she recognised the support of key people in her time as the head of the SMSF Association and thanked them for their contribution.

“Those who have contributed over the years and are owed our heartfelt thanks are too many to mention. But I would like to mention a few individuals. Our founding chair, Peter Fry, and inaugural non-executive directors Peter Nicholson, Nick Aston and Brian Williams. They enabled the association to find its feet. Our first patron, Sir Anthony Mason, who provided such wise counsel over many years, and the amazing chairs, board directors and staff who have served us all so loyally over the years,” she said.

“Also, thank you to my husband Paul and family, who were so supportive and understanding of how demanding and time-consuming my role was in building the association.”

She saved her final acknowledgement for the industry body’s members.

“Finally, and most importantly, our members. You are and always will be the heart and soul of the association. It is you that bring the strong commitment to self-improvement and genuine enthusiasm that explains why the association is an exemplar of how industry bodies should function,” she noted.

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