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Online-only adviser exam dates released

online adviser exams

ASIC has released the dates on which it will conduct adviser exams in 2023, noting they will only be offered remotely.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has released its financial adviser exam timetable for 2023 during which four online exams will take place.

The first exam will take place on 16 February, followed by sessions on 11 May, 10 August and 9 November, with each enrolment period starting five weeks before the exam and closing two-and-a-half weeks before the exam.

ASIC stated all the exams will be delivered by remote proctoring, that is taken online, and eligibility requirements are in place for any new and foreign adviser sitting the exam.

“If you are a new financial adviser or a foreign adviser, ASIC needs to assess your eligibility to sit the exam before you can book for an exam,” the corporate regulator stated.

“If ASIC determines that you are eligible to sit the exam, you will be issued with an exam eligibility number which you must use to book for the exam.

“To make sure new financial advisers are issued an exam eligibility number in time to book for an exam, their Australian financial services licensee should apply for an exam eligibility number through the ASIC Regulatory Portal no later than 15 days before the last day of the booking period for an exam.”

It added foreign advisers can apply for an exam eligibility number by emailing the regulator.

The new round of exams will mark the start of the second year that ASIC has overseen the mandatory adviser examination and will differ from those offered during 2022, which took place over a number of days each quarter in physical locations around the country and via remote proctoring.

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