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Heffron education

Heffron will be launching a new education capability later this year to provide new entrants to the sector with basic superannuation knowledge.

Specialist SMSF education and administration service provider Heffron is in the process of expanding its industry offering to cover the knowledge gap of new entrants to the sector.

Heffron managing director Meg Heffron revealed the initiative is being developed in response to practitioner feedback to the Education Bites service it launched in October last year.

“What we learnt out of launching that was the overwhelming need [communicated to us that] ‘look Education Bites is nice, I’d love to use it and I need to find the time to use it, but what I really need is something a bit more structured and at a lower and more introductory level for my new starter’,” Heffron noted.

She said the need for such a tool has become even more important due to the fact more people are now working remotely, making it even more difficult to get new employees who are also new to the sector up to speed with basic SMSF knowledge.

“I’m really hoping it will take the pressure off, a lot, when it comes to putting new people on [and] getting them up to speed,” she noted.

“{After using the service] they won’t come out of that [as] fully fledged superannuation experts, no way. But they’ll know what a contribution is [and] they’ll know there are several types [of them].

“I’m even thinking at Heffron we might actually put all of our new starters through this course. What about someone who’s answering the phone and talking to clients, they don’t need to know the ins and outs [of superannuation], but they need to know the language and need to recognise the superannuation lingo.”

The first module of the new education service is set to be rolled out towards the end of this year. When the series is complete users will have access to six online sessions of 30 minutes in length.

The original Education Bites was launched with 20 micro courses and has been expanded to now include 30 modules in total.

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