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Climate Active certification for La Trobe

climate active la trobe

Climate Active certification has been awarded to La Trobe Financial’s Australian operations in recognition of its carbon-neutral status.

Credit asset manager La Trobe Financial has received Climate Active certification for its Australian business arm in recognition of its positive impact on the local community and having achieved carbon neutrality in 2021.

The certification is recognition by Climate Active that La Trobe Financial is proving itself as a climate leader to its clients, customers and shareholders. Further, only organisations that have achieved carbon-neutral status are eligible for the certification.

La Trobe Financial achieved carbon neutrality last year after offsetting its carbon footprint via investments in Gold and Verra Standard projects designed to reduce or absorb the manager’s greenhouse gas emissions that resulted throughout the year.

This course of action was taken after independent advisory firm Carbon Neutral measured the emissions activities of La Trobe Financial.

“We are very proud to receive Climate Active certification for our Australian business operations and to be recognised as a climate leader to our customers and key stakeholders,” La Trobe Financial chief executive Chris Andrews said.

“With a seven-decade corporate history, we recognise our responsibility as a generational business and the ongoing importance of ESG (environmental, social and governance) and carbon neutrality to our staff, our customers, our community and the ongoing health of the planet. We chose to go carbon neutral to show our commitment to improving the community, the environment and building a better future.”

La Trobe Financial director of ESG and international partnerships Caterina Nesci reaffirmed the organisation’s efforts in this area.

“We have a commitment to reducing our carbon footprint every year moving forward and have been working closely with Carbon Neutral across the last two years. We have now implemented our formal carbon reduction plan with a view to being net zero by 2030, and are already seeing the fruits of the process already implemented: reduced travel, sustainable procurement practices, reduced waste and landfill, and a transition towards paperless offices,” Nesci noted.

“Every aspect of the business and staff are truly committed to playing their part in this important work.”

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