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SuperConcepts chatbot

SuperConcepts has added an automated tool to direct users of its website to relevant information based on a few questions.

SuperConcepts has added a chatbot to its website to provide quick assistance to users seeking answers to common questions and directing them towards information relevant to their needs.

The chatbot, which will operate around the clock, will also provide a direct messaging capability to connect website users to a SuperConcepts staff member during weekday business hours.

SuperConcepts chief executive Grant Christensen said the development of the chatbot was recognition of the complexity present in the SMSF sector and would help users find the information they need based on a few questions.

“Whether it’s educating individuals interested in establishing an SMSF or finding the right software solution for accountants, there are a lot of moving parts to what we offer and the chatbot will remove the residual noise so users can easily find what they need,” Christensen said.

“Customer trust and data security are critical to everything we do at SuperConcepts so when it comes to collecting personal information, the bot will be solely used to triage users with the intention of connecting clients to customer service managers and leads to a sales team member.

“We continually look for ways to improve our services and this chatbot is a part of our ongoing digital transformation, which is now embedded into our culture of innovation that will continually push for new and better ways to operate.”

The release of the chatbot follows an update to the administration and software provider’s SuperMate product to include a number of recent changes and those set to take place from 1 July.

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