Jaaims launches new portfolios

Jaaims portfolios

Jaaims has responded to investors’ call for further diversification by launching six new portfolios on its artificial intelligence trading platform.

Jaaims has announced six new portfolios based on the top 50 performers within certain categories have been added to the automated trading platform to provide greater diversity to investors.

The Australian artificial intelligence app now includes investments in the six categories of income, growth, balanced income, top 50 Australian Securities Exchange, top 50 United States, and top 50 environment, social and government (ESG) to achieve specific investment outcomes.

The stocks in the income, growth and balanced portfolios are chosen from the Australian and US markets and determined by Jaaims’ algorithms, while the top 50 Australian and US stocks are based on the top 50 traded stocks by market capitalisation at the time the portfolio is activated. The ESG portfolio contains the top 50 ESG performers from the US and Australian markets according to sustainability data.

Jaaims founder Tui Eruera said the new additions followed a call from its traders asking for investment diversification.

“Our traders have been telling us that they want the ability to diversify their investments so our new platforms will allow traders to focus on specific investment outcomes without spending hours analysing markets and calculating valuations,” Eruera said.

To that end, the move has been designed to build upon Jaaims’ Smart Portfolio, which is a multi-strategy growth portfolio targeting an annual 10 per cent return per annum over a rolling five-year period.

The new portfolios are part of the next phase for Jaaims after the platform underwent major upgrades over the past three months, including new functionality to improve ESG screening capabilities, with Eruera noting traditional broking methods were no longer able to keep up with the flow of stock information.

“Traditional stock-picking strategies rely on the assumption that investors make decisions in a completely rational and objective manner, while taking time to synthesise all available information,” he said.

“Artificial intelligence really is the only way to continuously analyse millions of social media and market-moving news and overlay this data with stocks that demonstrate strong earnings and/or growth potential.”

The platform, which launched in early 2021, has more than 3000 traders using its technology via a subscription service through a mobile device connected to their broker.

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