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JAAIMS Trading platform

A group of ETFs and improved functionality have now been included on the Jaaims online trading platform.

Online trading platform Jaaims has expanded the product suite available to include a group of exchange-traded funds (ETF) and enhanced its functionality to better accommodate client preferences.

From 8 December, users of the Jaaims service will have the ability to trade 10 ETFs in addition to direct equities. The ETFs cover a variety of underlying asset classes, including domestic and international shares, fixed income, property and cryptocurrency.

Specifically, the ETFs the Jaaims platform will include are the BetaShares Crypto Innovators ETF, iShares ASX 200 ETF, iShares US S&P 500 ETF, iShares MSCI World ETF, iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF, iShares AU Treasury ETF, iShares AU Corporate Bond ETF, iShares Global Corporate Bond ETF, Vanguard Australian Shares High Yield ETF and Vanguard AU Property ETF.

The broader product suite has been introduced in response to the growing demand for ETFs among retail investors.

In addition to the inclusion of the aforementioned ETFs on the platform, Jaaims has also fine-tuned the filters that can be applied to its Smart Portfolio, a model portfolio that employs a multi-growth strategy and aims to deliver an annual return of 10 per cent over a rolling five-year period.

Through the use of the online app’s built-in artificial intelligence (AI) capability, investors will now be able to exclude stocks from this portfolio by environmental, social and governance (ESG) risk sectors and/or ESG ratings.

Further, platform users will be able to exclude particular stocks from the portfolio and set parameters to target specific sectors in which they would like to invest.

“We will constantly evolve Jaaims to give our customers the best possible conditions for trading. Sometimes this means we will innovate how we analyse stocks and other times like today we deliver our vision on how we think ETFs should be used as part of the Jaaims investing strategy,” Jaaims founder Tui Eruera said.

“In my view, ETF strategies pushed by pocket investing apps are fraught with risks, especially with growing inflationary concerns. Having Jaaims’ active AI equity strategy coupled with ETFs can help to limit risk whilst delivering diversified exposure to multiple asset classes.”

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