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SMSF running costs

New research into fund running costs will soon be released by the SMSF Association to coincide with its SMSF week initiative.

The SMSF Association has announced it will soon release a research report it commissioned actuarial firm Rice Warner to compile that will provide a detailed analysis of SMSF running costs.

“In the face of ongoing public debate about the appropriate minimum size of an SMSF, and ASIC statements regarding costs incurred by SMSF trustees, the association commissioned Rice Warner to update its 2013 report on the costs of operating an SMSF that was originally prepared for ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission),” SMSF Association John Maroney said.

“Sponsored by SuperConcepts, this updated report analyses actual expense data for more than 100,000 SMSFs and provides invaluable insights about the actual costs of running an SMSF.”

According to Maroney, the report will deliver further information on the cost-effectiveness of SMSFs in comparison to other retirement savings structures and is particularly significant given ASIC’s guidance for individuals who have a superannuation balance of under $500,000 to be cautious about establishing an SMSF.

“The report’s conclusions, which also provide interesting insights about the investment performance of the SMSF sector compared with the APRA (Australian Prudential Regulation Authority)-regulated sector over the past 15 years, make for interesting reading, not just for the SMSF sector but for the entire superannuation industry,” he noted.

The Rice Warner report will be published on 23 November to coincide with the commencement of the industry body’s SMSF week initiative, now in its third year, which will run virtually and end on 27 November.

The week will include several events, such as a webinar to be held on 25 November covering recent Australian Securities Exchange capital raisings and why SMSF investors are missing out, a webinar for professionals providing further analysis of the Rise Warner report and the release of the results from an SMSF Association member survey addressing issues such as trustee motivation for establishment and satisfaction levels.

The event will culminate with the SMSF + Investor Expo, to be run across 26 and 27 November, which will feature presentations from industry experts and service providers.

Registration for the expo is free and can be completed at

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