BetaShares expands currency-hedged ETF range

Betashares currency-hedged

BetaShares has expanded its series of currency-hedged global ETFs, adding two new funds focused on global sustainability and the NASDAQ100 index.

BetaShares has expanded its currency-hedged global exchange-traded fund (ETF) offering with the launch of two more currency-hedged versions of its global equities ETFs.

Following the launch of a currency-hedged version of its Global Quality Leaders ETF last month, the fund manager has now added to its currency-hedged ETF offering with the Global Sustainability Leaders ETF – Currency Hedged (ASX: HETH) and NASDAQ 100 ETF – Currency Hedged (ASX: HNDQ).

BetaShares chief executive Alex Vynokur said: “Currency exposure can be a significant driver of investment returns. We are adding to our range of currency-hedged ETFs in response to significant client demand as many investors are seeking to minimise the impact of currency fluctuations on portfolio returns.”

HETH is designed to provide investors with access to a portfolio of global companies meeting sustainability and ethical standards, while HNDQ will provide access to the currency-hedged version of the Nasdaq-100 Index.

The unhedged version of HETH has over $650 million in assets and the unhedged version of HNDQ has over $950 million in assets.

“The unhedged versions of these two new ETFs have an outstanding performance record, with the indices that the funds aim to track significantly outperforming broad share market benchmarks over the long term to date,” Vynokur noted.

“The new currency-hedged funds give investors an important choice – to remain exposed to exchange rate movements as another source of potential returns or to substantially remove the currency variable from the investment equation.”

Earlier this month, ETF Securities launched a series of ETFs allowing investors to trade leveraged exposure to the Nasdaq-100.

In May, a report on the sector revealed ETFs were performing at “all-time highs” despite the market turmoil caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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