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Heffron unveils new online SMSF tools

Heffron online SMSF

Heffron has launched two new resources to help SMSF practitioners better serve their clients.

Heffron has launched new online reference tools aimed at helping SMSF practitioners better serve their clients.

Heffron’s Super Companion, the first of two new online technical resources to be launched by the SMSF service provider, covers SMSF and broader superannuation issues across a range of areas, including tax, compliance and insurance.

“Think of it like an ultimate textbook, but with a few important differences,” Heffron managing director Meg Heffron said in a blog post on the firm’s website.

“Firstly, it’s constantly updated and full of practical examples and tips that we think make the technical material far more useful to you than simply listing the rules.

“Secondly, it’s fully referenced – when we explain [for example] contributions, we don’t just state the rules, we provide links to the relevant legislation, ATO rulings and more.”

In addition to being an online SMSF guide, Heffron stated the new service would soon provide comprehensive strategies for practitioners to help maximise retirement incomes for their clients.

“We are in the process of expanding [Heffron Super Companion] to also include the strategies your clients can adopt to make the most of their SMSF,” she said.

“Our existing kitbag of SMSF strategies (developed over many years in business) is being rolled out progressively over the coming months. But even beyond, whenever we develop a new idea or have a new insight, the Heffron Super Companion is where we’ll document it.”

The firm also released the investment strategy portion of its newly created Heffron Toolkit, which is intended to help SMSF advisers formulate investment strategies in line with auditor and ATO requirements.

In November, SMSF administration software provider Class integrated its SMSF platform with a new audit and administration tool from Cloudoffis, which is aimed at helping SMSF practitioners reduce time spent on fund preparation, review and compliance.

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