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Industry experts launch FASEA exam prep program

help advisers prepare for FASEA exam

A number of industry experts have joined forces to create a program to help financial advisers prepare for the FASEA exam.

A team of finance industry experts has launched a program designed to help advisers prepare for the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) exam.

Led by AccountantsIQ director Bronny Speed, the group behind the Cram 4 Exam program includes SuperConcepts technical and education general manager Peter Burgess, Aged Care Steps directors Louise Biti and Assyat David, and Smart Compliance founder Brett Walker.

The initial program is due to run in October and November ahead of the December sitting of the FASEA exam and consists of an introductory webinar, a one-day intensive workshop and a Q&A session with industry experts.

A price for the program is expected to be finalised soon and the program is likely to be repeated, with more sessions planned for 2020.

“The FASEA exam is a major concern to most advisers. Our team is committed to the industry and we want to see it survive and thrive into the future,” Speed said.

Pointing to the industry expertise of the team behind the new program, she said financial advisers would benefit from the group’s combined skill set covering the 33 learning outcomes and three knowledge domains of the FASEA exam.

“When it comes to preparing for this exam, what we are hearing from advisers is that they just don’t know where to start and given the broad knowledge areas and learning outcomes, they’re not sure how and where to focus their time,” she noted.

“And having seen the FASEA exam reading guide, they’re also worried about having to read large amounts of legislation to prepare for this exam.”

She added the new program would help advisers prepare for the exam by focusing on key sections of the reference guides and also identifying the main revision areas.

“It will revisit areas of the law which some advisers may not have had reason to visit on a regular basis and, using example exam questions, will practise exam techniques and, most importantly, the application of the law,” she said.

FASEA also recently released an online tool in an effort to help new and existing advisers map their education requirements.

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