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Migration main focus for SuperConcepts

The migration of clients into a standard platform will be a primary focus for SuperConcepts chief executive Adrian Urquhart as he settles into his new role.

“The migration work is really to allow us to move more to the SuperConcepts brand except for the software – we’ll continue to use the SuperMate brand though we do brand with a common logo for that and so it’s really about moving to one brand,” Urquhart told selfmanagedsuper.

“We do operate some of the brands independently and may continue to do so, some of the more recent acquisitions do run separately and we may continue to do that for a while, but the vast bulk of the brands are coming together.”

According to Urquhart, the recognition of the SuperConcepts brand is progressing well.

“It’s the subtle things I’ve noticed. We’re at a point now where I think we can scale back use of the component brands. We now are SuperConcepts, which I think is right after two or three years of being really focused on that brand,” he said.

He pointed out the consolidation of service platforms is not the only priority for SuperConcepts in the immediate term.

“We’re making sure at the moment that we are focusing on the continued growth of the business and that’s really got a slant towards organic growth much more than through acquisitions,” he said.

To this end, he explained there a few pillars SuperConcepts will be relying upon to achieve this result.

“Technology is part of it and it’s really using technology to make sure the adviser or the intermediary or the software client’s experience has improved,” he said.

“The other component is about making sure that, with a lot of change coming, we can guide people through that change and make sure that they remain compliant.

“Being able to invest in the systems and processes to ensure that happens is core for us.”

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