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CAANZ partners with innovation hubs

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) has unveiled a strategic program to partner with innovation hubs to enable accountants to keep pace with innovation and technology.

Under the CA Catalyst strategic program, CAANZ will align with innovation hubs, such as Stone and Chalk, Fishburners and The Icehouse, to strengthen the accounting profession for the future.

CAANZ chief executive Rick Ellis said: “Our strategic review involving more than 100 member workshops confirmed that the profession is changing rapidly, with much more diversity and disruption than experienced in the past.

“For the profession to remain at the forefront, it is vital we keep pace.”

Ellis added members, especially in public practice, demand connections with new solutions, technologies and insights to enable them to deliver the services they offer.

“One source of this disruption is within innovation communities – they are evolving business models, creating new markets and driving operating efficiencies,” he said.

The partnerships will enable accountants to access customised training, toolkits and guides, and will provide exposure to practical solutions to issues they may face.

CAANZ will also develop an online community where accountants can connect with other chartered accountants.

“CA Catalyst is an opportunity for chartered accountants to get on the leading edge of the future of accounting, build personal and organisational capabilities, explore new markets and services, and leverage innovation to provide greater value for themselves, their clients and their communities,” Ellis said.

The Icehouse chief executive Andy Hamilton said there will be various activities that provide members with tools to conduct better conversations.

Stone and Chalk chief executive Alex Scandurra said it is vital for chartered accountants to understand how they can use the latest technology to optimise their service offering.

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