SuperConcepts establishes new learning facility

Specialist SMSF service provider SuperConcepts has unveiled a new online learning tool consisting of 30 modules to help practitioners keep up to date with the latest legislative changes to the sector and comply with their continuing professional development (CPD) requirements.

Commenting on the launch of the education tool, SuperConcepts technical services and education general manager Peter Burgess said: “SMSF practitioners now have access to a series of online training modules covering all the technical aspects of providing specialist SMSF advice in an easily digestible, scenario-based format.”

The learning modules present users with virtual client scenarios allowing them to take on an advisory role for the situation at hand.

Users are then provided with potential solutions to the virtual circumstances given and are encouraged to research these answers using a variety of sources, including audio material containing anecdotes from SMSF technical experts, legislation experts and short legislation interpretations.

Each of the 30 modules on offer covers a different SMSF topic, such as the in-house asset rules, and users can choose to complete single or multiple modules depending on their educational needs at the time.

“We didn’t want to overload students with too much technical content in one go, so the content is delivered in short bursts across 30 modules with each module taking on average 60 minutes to complete,” Burgess noted.

Practitioners will be awarded CPD points upon completion of a module and their CPD history will updated automatically when this occurs. The facility will also enable users to access this history at any point in time.

“You can download a module and start accumulating CPD points or work towards an advice accreditation. The more modules you do, the more CPD points you receive,” Burgess said.

A certificate will be issued from the University of Adelaide upon completion of all 30 modules, confirming the individual has obtained the Regulatory Guide 146 knowledge requirements enabling them to provide specialist SMSF advice.

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