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Heffron, Six Park form partnership

Robo-advice provider Six Park has partnered with Heffron to offer a digitally driven, end-to-end SMSF service and solution.

The partnership enables SMSF trustees to establish an SMSF and use robo-advice for their fund, with Heffron managing the compliance and Six Park managing the investments.

Heffron co-founder and head of product Meg Heffron said the partnership provides an entry point for trustees to establish their own fund.

“Over time, it’s inevitable that a client’s needs will change. Some will want to branch out beyond Six Park investments, others might want to take advantage of some of the strategic opportunities available in SMSFs and will need different technical support,” Heffron said.

“Six Park and Heffron can work with people throughout their superannuation life.”

Six Park chief executive Patrick Garrett said while there would always be a place for traditional advice, this solution offers a lower entry point for establishing an SMSF.

“We believe we’ll see more and more investors turning to fintech solutions that can provide the level of accessible, transparent and trustworthy asset management that should be standard in this industry,” Garrett said.

“We’re very excited to be working with Heffron – their team of experts leads the industry, having won awards for SMSF administration, education, documents, actuarial certificates and more.”

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