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SMSF Association, BT unveil partnership

John Maroney

John Maroney

The SMSF Association today announced a four-year partnership with BT Financial Group (BTFG) to provide education services and collaborate on events.

Speaking to selfmanagedsuper, SMSF Association chief executive John Maroney said the partnership will provide education and accreditation services for BTFG staff and advisers.

“We share various things on improving the integrity of the system, trying to improve the quality of advice, the quality of advisers, so they share a lot of our key drivers,” Maroney said.

“They’ve invested a lot in their Panorama platform so it’s very interesting to see how that’s developing.”

The partnership will include thought leadership, research, SMSF Association events sponsorships and speaker promotion.

On the education side, Maroney said BT was eager to explore the issue of diversification in SMSF investment portfolios.

“That’s something that we’ve spent a fair bit of time in our publications and speeches and education for advisers and trustees for them to think more about diversification,” he noted.

“It’s getting easier to diversify with exchange-traded funds, managed funds. There are a range of tools that help diversification now that weren’t readily available five years ago.”

The association was looking for other partners in areas such as women in super, investment issues and general thought leadership, he said.

He said with the association’s limited resources, partnering with groups with similar values can lead to more fruitful results.

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