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Industry veteran returns to SMSF space

SMSF veteran David Busoli has re-entered the self-managed space after acquiring boutique SMSF administrator SMSF Alliance to provide strategic administration.

The Brisbane-based firm helps clients with their documentation, legal, technical, processing and reporting requirements.

Busoli told selfmanagedsuper he had been concerned for a while about what he termed the “industrialisation” of the sector, with the market producing one-size-fits-all products instead of customising them for individual clients.

“The industry seems to be moving strongly towards an industrialisation of the administration process where the nuances, the subtleties around SMSFs are being ignored,” he said.

“I’m looking to develop a particular concept of strategic administration so if they take in all those nuances, they add value far and away above what would be available through simply tax advantages.”

The firm is not licensed and is not in competition with advisers.

“If any of your clients complain to us about your service, we’ll report back to you. We’ll also refer all direct client inquiries back to our alliance partners,” Busoli said.

The firm also offers investment administration, tax and accounting support for any entity.

Busoli began discussions with SMSF Alliance just before Christmas and started as the firm’s principal this month.

His team includes general manager Emma Walker, head of technical and strategic alliances Debbie Thomas and senior tax adviser Philip Strout.

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