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SMSF Academy unveils rebrand

The SMSF Academy is rebranding as Smarter SMSF in a bid to better reflect its expanded service offering, including its SMSF documents offering.

Chief executive and co-founder Aaron Dunn said the firm’s decision to expand its services into SMSF documents over the past two years meant the name did not reflect what the business did.

“The more that we drilled down and looked at that as an issue, people would be regularly saying to us: ‘I didn’t even realise you were doing this, I thought you were just a training entity,’” Dunn told selfmanagedsuper.

He also said Smarter SMSF would use technology to enhance its documentation offering. The firm now offers over 50 SMSF legal, pension and compliance documents.

Through surveying practitioners, the firm found the most significant challenges for them were the superannuation reforms and the task of understanding how to implement them, he said.

“As we work through transfer balance cap requirements, we work through CGT (capital gains tax) relief, a lot of the things they needed to not only get things up to speed with, but they needed the confidence to be able to implement as well and making sure that it was done and done properly and aligning with the deed,” he said.

The firm will continue to offer a membership-based solution, and users will also be able to access training and documents on a pay-as-you-go basis through a modular approach.

Dunn said Smarter SMSF would launch its new website and membership platform at the SMSF Association National Conference 2018 in Sydney next week, in addition to its technology features with its integrations with BGL and Class.

“For example, we have an automatic feature with Class: upon fund establishment with a simple click of a button it will now establish that fund inside Class with all your fund details, trustee member information and so forth,” he said.

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