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SuperConcepts unveils online SMSF marketplace

SuperConcepts has introduced an online investment product marketplace called Connected Services that allows SMSF members to access various products and services from third-party providers.

The online platform would allow trustees to access a range of investment products and services, including bank accounts, term deposits, life insurance, managed investment schemes, investor-directed portfolio services, securities and new categories such as peer-to-peer lending.

Trustees would have access to different providers for each asset class and the service would allow them to manage their SMSF in a paperless way. It also offered a single sign-on capability where possible to avoid having to log on multiple times using multiple passwords.

SuperConcepts chief executive Natasha Fenech said the marketplace was aimed at reducing paperwork and the administration burden.

“Connected Services allows SMSF trustees to manage, implement, monitor and report on their investments, anywhere and at any time from the one place. It also provides advisers and accountants with better visibility of their clients’ self-directed investments,” Fenech said.

Through the platform, customers can apply for a listed investment product or service with a third-party provider, pre-fill the application form for the product or service with a third-party provider using information about their SMSF contained in their online dashboard, and see transactions completed in the third-party provider’s platform on their dashboard reporting.

Connected Services is available to existing SuperMate or SuperConcepts SMSF administration clients free of charge.

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