Topdocs unveils estate planning platform

Legal document provider Topdocs has released a new platform that enables financial planners and accountants to request online and full-service estate planning documentation and other services, including wills and enduring powers of attorney (EPOA).

Called Topdocs Protect, advisers and accountants have the opportunity to engage in estate planning services for their clients without assuming the risk associated with the provision of the legal documentation and advice.

“Topdocs Protect provides upfront and ongoing training for advisers to enable them to facilitate the provision of estate planning services, whilst also providing a central online platform where advisers can submit client information to have wills, EPOAs and other succession documentation created online or full service by a solicitor,” Topdocs director Michael Spakman said today.

A key element of the platform is the new online will.

According to Spakman, that feature would enable advisers to provide clients with more basic needs with access to have a comprehensively provisioned will at a cost-effective price, therefore encouraging more clients to get their estate planning in order.

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