Topdocs reveals latest integration

Legal document provider Topdocs has announced a new integration with SuperMate that will enable users to generate their SMSF documentation using the fund data stored in their SuperMate account.

Available on the Topdocs online platform, users of SuperMate can now populate their online application forms for new SMSFs, deed updates, changes of trustees, pensions and limited recourse borrowing arrangements with their existing fund data.

In some circumstances, the new functionality will completely automate the document ordering process.

“This new integration greatly reduces ordering time for SuperMate users, in some cases completely removing any requirement to key client information – a great advantage, given how busy we know accountants are, particularly those specialising in SMSFs,” Topdocs director Michael Spakman said.

Earlier this month, Topdocs released a new platform that enables financial planners and accountants to request full-service estate planning documentation online and other services, including wills and enduring powers of attorney.

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