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Optimo online SMSF model pending

Mathematical financial modelling specialist Optimo Financial is in the process of developing its online personal finance modelling system to make it applicable for an SMSF audience.

The new online version of Optimo Pathfinder was launched last week and uses a mathematics-based approach to develop strategic wealth plans for clients in a goals-oriented manner as an alternative to product-based advice offerings.

“This tool has been developed, used and refined over a long period,” Optimo Financial chief executive Hugh Bannister said.

“The breakthrough is our online version. It is capable of dealing with most situations and can be used creatively while interacting directly with clients.

“Future versions will make available the SMSF and trust capability that we have. We are currently refining the online interface for those capabilities.

“The adviser simply enters the clients’ details and sets up his and/or her financial status and goals. Pathfinder will do the rest.

“No longer must the adviser fiddle around with software settings to make it work.”

The online facility uses a mix of information, including family tax situations, the age pension, marginal tax rates and superannuation rules, to formulate strategic financial plans for individuals.

Optimo is targeting financial planning dealer groups, individual financial advisers and paraplanners with its new online tool. White-labelling options are available that will allow users to customise the facility with specific corporate branding and colours.

A complete paraplanning facility is available if required.

Free trial access is currently being granted for potential users.

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