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Global disruption fund achieves four-star rating

The Loftus Peak Global Disruption Fund, covering listed global equities on major stock exchanges, has been awarded a four-star superior investment-grade rating following an independent review by SQM Research.

The research was based on the performance of Loftus Peak’s separately managed account (SMA), the Global Change Model Portfolio, which is available exclusively through the Mason Stevens Investment and Administration Service, but also applies to the Global Disruption Fund.

The SQM report highlighted that Loftus Peak outperformed, or was likely to outperform, its peers and the benchmark the majority of the time.

In addition, it said the global fund manager’s track record showed outperformance based on the SMA portfolio for one, three and six months, one year and two years.

Since inception in June 2014, Loftus Peak has returned 16.31 per cent a year net of fees.

The manager’s investment philosophy combines thematic and fundamental approaches aimed at managing risk and optimising return.

“Global fund managers who are buying traditional indices of companies are investing forward by looking backward,” Loftus Peak chief executive Alex Pollak said.

“Google isn’t the media index – which has in it Disney and Time Warner – but it is the largest media company in the world.

“The next wave of disruption in transport may see transport companies come from outside the traditional auto/oil sector.”

Pollak added the S&P500 Index might be up over 20 per cent in the past two years, but if the performance of companies such as Apple, Amazon and Alibaba was removed, that growth was significantly lower, maybe even negative.

Mason Stevens managing director Thomas Bignill said the SMA portfolio had been very well received by market players as they had recognised their clients were underexposed to international markets.

“People are looking to get exposure to global companies such as Amazon and others to help diversify their overweight Australian positions and benefit from the growth in disruption,” Bignill noted.

“The changes in the way business is evolving are not being caught in traditional manager approaches, which is why the Loftus Peak commentary created significant discussion and interest at our recent global equities adviser roundtable series.”

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