Plenty Plus integrates with Class

Online transactional advice solution portal for unlicensed accountants Plenty Plus has added integration with Class Super that will give users the ability to automatically determine which of their existing clients have advice needs.

The integration allows client information to be automatically imported into the Plenty Plus application from Class Super, giving the accountant a list of their clients who are likely to require advice, less likely to require advice and unlikely to require advice.

When users select clients in the likely to need advice category, all of the relevant information is pre-populated for the accountant from the Class Super system.

Any additional information required can then be added in Plenty Plus and the applicable advice is then generated based on the entire client data provided.

When the process is complete, a statement of advice is generated that can be downloaded for the accountant’s client.

Initially the integration with Class Super will allow Plenty Plus to generate financial advice solutions and accompanying statements of advice regarding pensions only.

However, the service will be expanded to include advice regarding contributions at a later date.

In keeping with its standard cost structure, Plenty Plus users will be charged $99 for each piece of advice the accountant chooses to generate.

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