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New expert SMSF book set for release

SMSF industry expert Grant Abbott has written a new book aimed at providing all current participants and prospective participants within the sector with relevant superannuation strategies in light of the changes to the retirement savings framework to be implemented from 1 July.

The Guru’s Guide to Self Managed Super Funds is the first publication from the author since 2008 and covers off subjects such as account-based pension balance limits, the reduction in concessional contributions caps, modern SMSF investment strategy and cloud administration.

“Anything that’s really current at this point in time is a subject in the book,” @GrantSMSF founder Abbott told selfmanagedsuper.

“It’s got broad appeal, so for those people with existing SMSFs the book provides a snapshot of strategies for where they are right now in case they are no longer able to obtain advice from their accountant due to the licensing restrictions.

“The book is also for anyone in either an industry or retail super fund that are aged 50 to allow them to determine whether an SMSF is suitable for them.”

According to Abbott, the book also includes more detailed information regarding strategies for accountants and advisers.

“I’ve made the book a mix of easy-to-understand content for trustees and advisers, but then at the end of each chapter there are case studies exploring the topics in more depth,” he noted.

“So there is enough information in the publication for advisers and accountants from a strategy perspective.”

The book is set to be launched in May and will be made available to individuals both electronically and in hard copy.

Abbott will charge $20 for trustees and advisers looking to access the publication in hard copy format.

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