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Achievement of goals triggers handover

Andrea Slattery

Andrea Slattery

Outgoing SMSF Association chief executive Andrea Slattery has revealed a key reason for her decision to step down from her current role was the belief the industry body had achieved its original goals.

“It’s the perfect time for the transition. I co-founded the organisation with four other people – their names are Peter Fry, Peter Nicholson, Nick Aston and Brian Williams. We decided, foolishly or not, that we had a goal of actually creating a profession for this industry and looking after the opportunity for people to be able to grow their wealth and build and have a dignified retirement,” Slattery said.

“They were our goals and I believe we’ve achieved both of those. But the journey is not finished, so we can continue it.”

Apart from achieving the goals of the founding members, she cited two other reasons why she thought her decision was being made at the right time.

“The intention was always to leave the place a little bit better than when we started and to leave a legacy is something I’ve always had the intention of doing,” she said.

“That hopefully will make Australia a better place.”

She also admitted she was keen now to explore the next stage of her career.

“It’s time for me to actually pursue my next professional career or continue my professional career as a non-executive director,” she said.

“I’m very, very keen on being involved as a director or to participate on advisory committees or government committees or reviews. I have passion for that as well.

“Currently I sit on an ASX (Australian Securities Exchange) board and a number of other boards and I think I have developed, over the last 14 years in particular, the skills and opportunities to be able to lead strategically businesses across a range of different areas.”

She added it was her intention to continue to be actively involved in the industry.

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