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NowInfinity adds trust register service

NowInfinity has unveiled its cloud-based offering, The Trust Register, as part of the company’s new initiatives for 2017.

The register allows all trust-related documents, including those for the appointment and removal of trustees, subscription and transfer of units, and other trust administration processes to be easily created and managed efficiently, cutting down the amount of time it usually takes, as well as streamlining the entire process.

“The real magic behind The Trust Register is that it allows you to view all trust history while also serving as a repository for all necessary trust documents,” NowInfinity chief executive Amreeta Abbott said on Friday.

“We are living in a world where it is not only possible to radically transform complex administrative processes and make them faster and more efficient, but also absolutely necessary.”

The register is an integral part of the NowInfinity ecosystem and takes full advantage of the platform’s automation, customisation and communication attributes.

Abbott also revealed the register was just the first in a series of initiatives planned for the year ahead.

“At NowInfinity we are constantly exploring, researching and collaborating to bring solutions to the industry which harness the power of cloud-based technology so that our clients can in turn deliver fast, superior solutions to today’s increasingly demanding consumers,” she said.

“We plan to bring a number of transformative solutions to market this year, so watch this space.”

NowInfinity was on a mission to profoundly and fundamentally change the way businesses functioned, workflows were implemented and documents were created, stored, updated and managed across the entire financial services and related industries, she said.

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