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SMSF set-up app unveiled on Android

Australia’s first robo SMSF establishment app Superstash has expanded its reach and is now available to Android users following a successful launch on iOS in May.

With a recommended minimum of $200,000 in combined super savings, Superstash allows gen Y and families to take control of their financial future by effortlessly establishing and administering an SMSF via their mobile device.

“We developed the Superstash app as a response to the startling disengagement that many Australians have with their superannuation – many aren’t even aware of what they have saved up,” Superstash director Kris Kitto said.

“Of course for Superstash to have an impact with people’s engagement of super, it needs to be available on as many platforms as possible.

“[Our] Android release will make us accessible to the overwhelming majority of Australian smartphone users.”

Kitto noted technological innovation and disruption were beginning to have an impact in the superannuation space.

“For most Australians, their super will be the biggest investment they have after their home,”he said.

“It makes no sense that a person’s access to information and control over their super is less than their everyday banking account in that context.”

Superstash is a joint venture between privately owned investment manager Elston and SMSF administrator Superfund Partners.

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