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SMSFs receptive to Listcorp benefits

SMSF investors are showing great interest in the Listcorp platform’s informative and engaging approach to accessing simple information on Australian listed companies they invest in.

Listcorp chief executive John Daly said feedback from SMSFs using the web-based platform was extremely positive.

“For too long investors have been overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information produced by listed companies, so we’re helping them take control – only seeing the information they want to see and then helping them use that information to make better decisions,” Daly told selfmanagedsuper.

“Last year, SMSF investors were the largest local buyer of Australian equities.

“We are of the strong belief that SMSF investors will continue to grow their influence in the Australian share market and that this trend will benefit greatly from improved communications between listed companies and SMSF investors. Listcorp is building the tools to achieve this.”

He said Listcorp was a useful tool for SMSFs in four important ways.

“Firstly, it helps them discover new companies and secondly, it helps them learn about the businesses of all listed companies by putting the information they need in one place,” he pointed out.

“Thirdly, it helps them keep up to date with the progress of the companies they’re interested in by delivering news from those companies directly to their news feed.

“Fourthly, and most importantly, it helps them use that information to make better investment decisions.

“The My Research tool enables investors to save information they’ve found helpful in understanding companies in their own personal news library presented in a way that displays how positive or negative they are towards each business.”

He said there was a clear gap for companies to communicate more effectively to investors.

“Investors have always wanted to know more about the companies they’re investing in, but they continue to find it difficult to access simple information that helps them understand these businesses,” he explained.

“The reality is we’re not investing in ‘shares’ or the ‘stock market’, we’re investing in businesses, and it should be easy for investors to access the information they need to understand those businesses and the investment opportunity they represent.”

Listcorp currently has profiles for about 200 of the largest companies in Australia and expects to add more by the end of the year.

The site went live in 2015.

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