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Fiducian unveils expanded SMSF admin

Fiducian subsidiary Fiducian Business Services (FBS) is set to boost its focus on SMSF administration this year following an expansion, with plans to lift the number of SMSFs it administers.

FBS provides accounting and accountancy resourcing services to clients in Australia, and also SMSF administration.

The expansion comes as FBS manager Sujatha Sathyanarayanan takes on a more day-to-day responsibility for SMSF administration.

Sathyanarayanan will also monitor and manage the performance of acquired accounting practices, the BPO portal and overseas outsource providers.

She will continue to report to Fiducian business development and distribution manager Jai Singh, plus follow through on accountant acquisition opportunities and manage their output.

To ensure the larger administration support team is available and managed daily, normal back-office and administrative processing of SMSF transactions will be managed by Fiducian Financial Services.

“Sujatha Sathyanarayanan will be responsible for tax and accounting queries, and generally managing the final output and tax returns for SMSF business,” Singh said today.

“This structure should allow us to expand SMSF administration and give confidence to financial planners that the full power of the Fiducian administration team is backing the SMSF business.”

He revealed the group’s plans for 2016/17 were focused on improving profitability, lifting the number of SMSFs administered and increasing referrals for financial planning.

FBS operates two accounting businesses from Sydney and the Sunshine Coast.

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