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New education platform on the way

Miller SuperSolutions is developing a new all-inclusive financial services education platform.

Speaking to selfmanagedsuper, Miller SuperSolutions founder Tim Miller said: “I’m putting together an online education solution that will be different from the others currently in the market as it will be an all-inclusive facility.

“We often get caught up talking about what advisers need and what trustees need, but the industry is far greater than advisers and trustees.

“So I am in the process of creating a platform that accommodates all parties with the objective of providing educational material for advisers, trustees, administrators, auditors, actuaries and any other type of participant.”

While the educational platform will have base modules developed by Miller SuperSolutions, the aim is for users to be able to shape their own educational content.

“The objective is to provide tailor-made courses with multiple stages based on user experience rather than the developer’s needs,” Miller explained.

Access to the facility will differ for each type of user, with the ability also to set up a corporate super user, enabling white-labelling opportunities where courses can be constructed within an organisation.

The service will be delivered online and login access will be provided without charge, however, if clients want the right to use premium content, such as verification of having completed a course or recognition of continuing professional development hours, a fee will apply.

Miller said SMSF-related topics would be the first covered by the portal as that was his field of expertise, but in time the range of content would be broadened as he sought input from a variety of industry experts.

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