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SuperAuditors partners with DocuSign

SuperAuditors today announced a deal with DocuSign, resulting in the integration of its eSignature capabilities into its audit portal.

The new feature will be provided at no extra cost for users of the SuperAuditors service.

“Together we’re helping our SMSF clients achieve the benefits of digital business, including faster speed to results, lower costs and a better customer experience,” SuperAuditors director Shelley Banton said.

“This means no more chasing SMSF trustees for signed terms of engagement letters, trustee representation letters and other documents.”

DocuSign electronic signatures are valid and legally binding as Australia passed an Electronics Transactions Act, effective 2000, that established the general rule that no transaction would be invalid simply because it was completed electronically.

Banton said documents populated with SMSF and SMSF trustee details were generated within SuperAuditors’ audit portal.

The documents were then sent to the DocuSign website, which, in turn, emailed invitations to the specified recipients inviting them to e-sign a document, she said.

“Signers – SMSF trustees – are guided through the whole process by DocuSign and are asked to input information at specified locations within the document marked by tags,” she said.

“The entire process is tracked both within DocuSign and the audit portal.

“When all signing is completed, SuperAuditors, the sender and all signers receive an email with a PDF of the signed documents.

“We’re quietly proud to achieve that for our SMSF clients as we continue to strengthen our position as the premier SMSF audit firm in Australia and a leader in SMSF audit technology.”

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