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ViewSuper promotes meaningful engagement

Supercorp’s front-end portal, ViewSuper, has created strong engagement between advisers and SMSF trustees since its release in May.

The portal, which can be accessed as part of the superMate offering, provides advanced, real-time, two-way communications between adviser and adviser, and administrator and accountant.

However, it is not intended to replace the primary adviser in an SMSF relationship.

“SuperMate can be thought of as the back-office engine for accountants to record transactions, information and data for SMSFs,” Supercorp policy director Mark Ellem told a superMate lunch in Sydney last week.

“ViewSuper is more of the front-end – it’s our online web portal that gives access to data of SMSFs for SMSF trustees, their accountants and their advisers.

“ViewSuper promotes trustee engagement with timely alerts as well as information reports and it can also be used with SuperMate to collaborate with clients.

“It provides convenient access for any internet-enabled device and it comes free with superMate.”

Since its release, the average number of trustee log-ins per fornight was 1.3, with the highest number of log-ins per fortnight at 12.2.

In addition, the average number of documents trustees uploaded was 4.3.

Ellem said there were important benefits within ViewSuper for advisers and accountants.

“We can see how we’re going with the actual 2015 compliance workflow, so at what stage is our work at, where our staff are working on those funds, how many have we yet to start, how many have we got to go,” he said.

“We can have a quick overview in that one panel as to where our business is in regards to our SMSF clients.

“We can also get alerts that tell us if a trustee is outside of their investment strategy’s asset allocation range.

“[For example], we can see that they’re outside of cash, more than the maximum range, so there’s an opportunity there for a trustee to contact the accountant or adviser to get help with fixing that investment strategy or if the adviser is logged in, they can make that proactive contact with the client.”

He said ViewSuper had grown 50 per cent since 26 June.

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