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Superfund Wholesale aiming to service 10,000 SMSFs

Specialist SMSF administration service provider Superfund Wholesale has announced it is ultimately aiming to service 10,000 self-managed funds.

“We have a long-term vision of looking after 10,000 SMSFs and we want to achieve this by working with 100 fantastic advice businesses and helping them grow the number of SMSF clients they look after,” Superfund Wholesale director Kris Kitto said.

The revelation of the firm’s eventual fund target comes as Superfund Wholesale recently achieved the milestone of servicing 1000 SMSFs.

Kitto attributed reaching the landmark number of serviced funds to organic growth stemming from assisting advisory practices to grow their SMSF client bases.

Further, he reinforced his organisation’s use of technology as the key to its success.

“Rather than following the trend of offshoring to lower-wage countries like India and the Philippines, we’ve embraced automation and leveraged industry-leading technology to deliver a better experience to the advisers we work with,” he said.

He cited Superfund Wholesale’s SMSF Business Incubator offering as an example of how the use of technology was giving the firm a competitive advantage.

“The SMSF Business Incubator solution provides small and start-up accounting businesses with access to Class Super’s award-winning SMSF administration software, with no minimum number of funds required,” he said.

“We’ve signed up 25 firms in the last few months and it’s great to be able to give something back to the SMSF community.

“We are delighted to be early adopters of Class Super’s software and are grateful to be included on their panel of recommended SMSF administrators.”

Class Super chief executive Kevin Bungard applauded Superfund Wholesale’s most recent achievement.

“This is a spectacular achievement that is testament to the company’s unwavering business focus and innovation,” Bungard said.

Kitto also acknowledged his company’s key relationships with other SMSF service providers, such as ASF Audits and NowInfinity, as playing a significant role in its growth.

“Innovative technology is going to make SMSFs accessible to more people, meaning growth will continue throughout the sector, resulting in a bright future for Superfund Wholesale and the SMSF sector as a whole,” he said.

The Superfund Wholesale SMSF administration offering provides clients with constant up-to-date information online, as well as technical support for practitioners. Its operation is product and platform provider agnostic.

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