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Simple Fund 360 gets triple enhancement

Specialist software provider BGL Corporate Solutions has facilitated a threefold boost to its Simple Fund 360, with the inclusion of a licensing solution for accountants, an actuarial certificate capability and an increase in the data feeds associated with the application.

The licensing solution for accountants comes as a result of an agreement with Capstone Financial Planning that will allow BGL clients access to a web portal containing information about the new licensing regime as well as an online application system that will help practitioners determine the most suitable licensing solution for their business.

“We wanted to find a way to help our clients comply with the post-1 July 2016 licensing regime,” BGL managing director Ron Lesh said.

“We needed a tiered solution that made it easy for our clients to get into licensing in small steps and Capstone was able to provide us with a simple way to do this.”

Improved access to actuarial certificates has resulted from an agreement with actuarial firm Accurium.

“The process we have designed in Simple Fund 360 with Accurium makes the task of obtaining an actuarial certificate child’s play,” Lesh said.

Commenting on the agreement, Accurium chief executive Tracey Williams said her company was constantly looking to provide efficiencies for SMSF practitioners through innovative technology and as such was happy to be working with BGL.

While the initiative will make obtaining an actuarial certificate for an SMSF easier, other benefits for Simple Fund 360 users would also be on offer.

“In addition to the integration of this actuarial certificate service, Simple Fund 360 users get additional benefits through direct links to Accurium’s membership system, including access to complimentary webinars, our technical hub and retirement healthcheck service, which helps accountants and practitioners ensure clients are on track to meet their retirement goals,” Williams said.

In addition, all Simple Fund 360 users who place orders for Accurium actuarial certificates before 31 August will receive them free of charge.

The final boost to BGL’s offering involves a broadening of the incorporated data feeds through an arrangement with InvestmentLink.

“Our data feed from InvestmentLink will provide data for 280 wraps and platforms, bringing the total number of data feeds in Simple Fund 360 to an industry-leading 400. This is pretty amazing and a real credit to our agile development teams,” Lesh said.

“InvestmentLink provide data for many of the major wraps and platforms, including ANZ/OnePath, Asgard, Axa, CFS, Hub24, IOOF, MLC, netwealth, OneVue, Praemium and many more. Their coverage is enormous.”

InvestmentLink chief technology officer Wayne Robinson said BGL was a natural partner for his organisation.

“Our extensive coverage of wrap and platform data will enhance BGL’s Simple Fund 360 product offering and provide our current and future clients with reliable data for their SMSF administration,” Robinson said.

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