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CaseWare prepares for SMSF Audit launch

Automated audit software developer CaseWare Australia and New Zealand will tomorrow release its latest program, SMSF Audit, which aims to improve the productivity and compliance of Australian SMSF auditors.

“Our clients told us what they needed in an audit program and we invested six months of development time into producing SMSF Audit,” CaseWare chief executive Craig Waldon said.

“It is clean, smart and simple.”

CaseWare International assisted in the development using its extensive data analysis knowledge and the expertise of 220 dedicated programmers.

The result was a superior web-based, purpose-built tool that produced collaboratively seamless and accurate SMSF audits, it said.

SMSF Audit product manager Sarah Butler said her clients needed work papers that were smart, integrated, up to date and could be easily reviewed by management for compliance.

“SMSF Audit does all this and more,” Butler said.

“Efficiency and quality are everything.

“Plus, many of our clients have flexible working arrangements. SMSF Audit can be accessed anywhere, any time and on any device.”

Participation in Class Super’s recent early-access program revealed valuable applications for SMSF Audit’s functionality in tandem with the cloud software provider’s new application programming interfaces, particularly with the profession’s desire to reduce expensive data entry repetition and automate standard audit processes and procedures.

This concept was also applied through integration with BGL.

“We are pleased with what our integration with BGL and Class Super offers auditors using SMSF Audit and the future looks bright, with plenty more exciting development plans underway,” Butler added.

SMSF Audit was supported by Amazon Services and CaseWare Cloud, ensuring robust data retention and retrieval processes, it said.

“Safe, secure, backed-up data is more important than ever, yet it still needs to be accessible when needed,” Waldon said.

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