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New education platform for SMSF trustees

SMSF trustees and advisers now have access to a new education platform aimed at keeping them up to date with the latest developments in the sector.

SMSF Blueprint has been developed by industry specialists Julie Dolan and Mark Wilkinson to allow trustees and advisers to draw upon their combined 50 years’ experience in the sector.

Subscribers to the platform will have access to several different educational modules to assist them with being informed about the most topical issues affecting the SMSF sector.

In its initial phase the service will offer seven modules, covering subjects such as establishment, trustee responsibilities, contribution rules, investment rules and borrowing via mediums such as educational videos and newsletters.

“Each module will be constantly kept up to date and enhanced and added to. So it’s not a course; it’s a portal that will be continually growing, and is aimed to be that one port of call the trustee needs to go to for their information,” SMSF Blueprint co-founder Dolan told selfmanagedsuper.

She stressed how important it is for trustees to keep their knowledge levels up-to-date in light of the new ATO compliance penalty regime where serious breaches can cost each trustee $10,200.

“The platform allows any member of the fund to access and learn taking into account the differing life stages each member might be at,” Dolan explained.

“This platform allows all members to explore and learn at any time of the day.

“As your adviser we are then there to advise further, discuss how it would apply to your situation and then assist in implementation.”

A special launch subscription price of $397 is being offered to trustees if they sign up for the service through their adviser, representing a $200 saving from the standard retail price. Doing this will give them access to the education dashboard and the initial seven education modules.

“There are take outs as well to each video via a word document to drive advice back to the individual’s accountant or adviser,” Dolan said.

“The service has been designed to actually push advice back to the trustee’s accountant and adviser as the trustee will have a more robust understanding of the base issues.”

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