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New investment service for SMSF practitioners

AssureInvest has launched a consulting service aimed at providing independent external investment solutions for accountants and financial planners operating in the SMSF space.

“It’s an investment outsourcing service, so it’s for accountants or financial planners who are delivering investment advice already, but have realised it’s not what they really want to focus on,” AssureInvest director Andrew Doherty told selfmanagedsuper.

“What we’re doing is really facilitating the ability for accountants to provide investment advice because clearly their skill set is strategy and tax and structuring.

“Being able to partner with us will allow them to provide investment guidance to their clients.”

The former Morningstar head of equities revealed he had already been in discussions with practitioners who were yet to provide investment advice, demonstrating to them the value of adding a new arm to their businesses.

“The discussions have allowed them to see there is a revenue and growth opportunity if they can extend their businesses a little bit more and provide additional services to their clients,” Doherty said.

He said AssureInvest was offering two types of services to accountants and financial planners.

“We construct multi-asset portfolios that include not just Australian equities but also global equities, fixed income, cash and property that are tactically managed, but then we service different customers in different ways,” he said.

“So for practitioners already providing investment advice, we offer an investment consulting service where we go in and help them construct their portfolios.

“For those advisers who decide to completely outsource to achieve better performance and lower risk, we provide them with model portfolios.”

The model portfolios on offer were constructed in a manner that allowed the asset allocations to be tailored to the risk profile of the end client, he said.

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