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NowInfinity, DocuSign streamline approval process

SMSF document provider NowInfinity and DocuSign have developed a customised solution to make the approval of legal papers more efficient.

The new system gives financial planners and accountants the ability to send, approve and receive client documents via email.

Under the initiative, SMSF advisers receive the names of the individuals from which an approval signature is needed on official documents generated in the NowInfinity system. Having received the list of people required to authorise the document, the adviser can then enter the email address of the authorised signatories on the document and it will then be sent to the relevant people by DocuSign.

Once the individual signatories receive the documents, they can choose to approve them conventionally with a handwritten signature or approve them using one of 10 generated signatures.

In order to ensure the documents are properly approved, the DocuSign system marks all of the places a signature is required.

Once a document has been signed, the NowInfinity platform updates the status of the relevant papers, which shows advisers whose approval is still being sought so these individuals can be followed up.

The new system has been in development for the past year and is now fully functional since electronic signatures were considered legally binding in Australia.

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