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AMP Capital researching next SMSF move

AMP Capital will continue to engage with the SMSF sector and advisers for feedback to determine the next offering it will bring to the market.

AMP Capital managing director Stephen Dunne said SMSFs remained an important part of the business’s long-term strategy.

“I think you need to actually build a range of investment products and investment opportunities as they appeal to the SMSF market as opposed to bringing out just one or two product propositions,” Dunne told selfmanagedsuper.

“From our perspective, it’s quite important to do that and hopefully we’ll learn from our lessons as we go, as we engage with them and continue to get that feedback from the SMSF market about how we can actually better tailor the delivery of our investment insights in such a way that they find it particularly useful.

“That’s going to be an ongoing process rather than say we’re not going to do anything until that fund gets to X size.”

AMP Capital planned to ensure its products were appealing to SMSF investors through access to its skill base, he said.

“For instance, our Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund taps into the skills of our strategy team looking at broad macro themes and investing primarily in exchange-traded funds, and where the value is being created is through making asset allocation calls of significance,” he said.

“Given most SMSF investors are very busy people, from the perspective of while they’re buying direct equities or perhaps property, et cetera, the opportunity to spend the time or do the work around, for example, the commodity market representing good value at the moment versus perhaps the German stock market versus international bonds can be quite intensive and requires quite a high level of expertise.

“So we’re finding core capabilities within AMP Capital, which is quite hard for people to replicate themselves, so we’re delivering that to the SMSF market as our key focus of late.”

AMP Capital received a broad range of feedback from the market, he said.

“We receive feedback directly from SMSF trustees as well as through their advisers, be it financial planners, brokers and accountants, so we’re open to getting feedback from a variety of sources,” he said.

In March, AMP Capital made three of its funds available to retail investors.

The Dynamic Markets Fund, Australian Equity Income Fund and Income Generator aimed to address the gap in the market for investment products that were aligned to the needs of retail investors, the company said.

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