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Heffron SMSF Solutions bolsters online offering

Specialist SMSF service provider Heffron SMSF Solutions has further strengthened its online range of services for advisers and accountants with the launch of its Investment Strategy Compliance capability.

The new offering is aimed at helping SMSF practitioners assist trustees under their guidance to comply with the legal obligations set out in the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) (SIS) Act dictating the need for regular reviews of the investment strategy of their funds, along with the need to consider the appropriate insurance cover for members of the fund.

To achieve this objective, Heffron has included a series of elements in its new online business tool, including a five-page investment strategy document, a minute note to adopt the document, a yearly minute notation confirming the review of the investment strategy and the insurance requirement, a derivatives risk statement if required, and a six-page practitioners’ guide intended for distribution to SMSF clients to help them better understand their investment strategy compliance obligations.

“We often find SMSF investment strategy compliance requirements fall into the lap of the accountant or the trustee’s adviser or, even worse, between the cracks,” Heffron SMSF Solutions head of technical services Meg Heffron said.

“This new service is an ideal solution for SMSF practitioners looking to help their SMSF trustee clients meet these new SIS investment strategy compliance requirements.

“It’s perfect for cases where the trustee or the adviser have already decided what the strategy should be and simply need to be absolutely sure they have covered all the compliance bases.”

SMSF practitioners can access the Investment Strategy Compliance solution via a $55 single licence or an unlimited annual licence that will cost them $275.

Heffron has also included access to model asset allocations and objectives if needed.

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